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gttn borin nw ppl arguin all the time bowt petty shit. arguin 4 the lol's is fyn bt sum u cunts r takin this way 2 serious. its a syt wiv trolls n trollin is for lols.

neko n tyaeda, plz jst kiss n mayk up.

red try not 2 b a dik 4 lyk 1 day of ur lyf.

jboogie ignore the h8 blogs.

Garadain try nt 2 reply 2 evry blog n coment i mayk, i read it n jst fink y? y? wat a nob, i wont reply

letemdangle, ur cool man, jst less fkn politics k? K!

i may edit this bt i prob wont.

N0_U Uploaded 03/22/2011
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