He's Coming!!!!!! It'll Be Great!!!!!!!

A lot of people have waited for this moment. The excitement's rising every day. So much has to be done to prepare. That's right, Kanye West is coming to Australia! The brilliant mind, genius voice of the generation is going to tour Oz soon. It's hard to find words to describe this man's incredible talent.

A lot of people hate the marvelous singer, producer, rapper and vocalist. He's influenced mostly by artists like Wu-Tang Clan and Led Zeppelin. Poor people hate him for his great career and incredible talent.


This man is often called the greatest musician of the decade. I don't know if that's true, but he's definitely one of the best musicians to walk this earth. Unlike many artists trying to go for vulgar or tasteless lyrics, Kanye is a lyrical master who uses sophisticated and mature verses.

His music is only meant for the educated audience, which is often criticized by his haters. They aren't smart enough to understand Kanye's poetry, so they attack him. You'd probably find a lot of users on Ebaumsworld who don't like this musical genius only because they can't comprehend his brilliance.

Uploaded 03/24/2011
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