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In amurrrica cousins make u

>at party with people from school, know nearly everyone
> see a girl I don't know
> nobody else seems to know her
> I try to talk to her but she ignores me and walks away
> follow her and ask her who she is
> she stops dead and slowly turns to face me
> she spits right in my face, turns back round, and storms out
> run after her shouting
> she sprints down the road
> go back to party, ask if anyone knows who the fuck that was
> nobody does
> forget about it
> 2 days later I get an e-mail from a temp e-mail address
> it just says "Still don't remember me?"
> there's a picture attached
> it's me lying passed out drunk
> I'm naked
> that girl is holding my dick
>I have no idea when this picture was taken, where it was taken, who took it, who the girl was, why I was there, why she was at the party, etc etc etc.
DirtyPretty Uploaded 03/24/2011
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