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It's all a Conspiracy

It's all a conspiracy isn't it? If Kennedy wasn't killed by Oswald he was probably killed by Fidel, or Kruschev, or Hitler...Unfrozen Hitler. FRD knew about pearl harbor, he was actually good friends with Hirohito, and was banging Yamamoto's daughter. Bush Jr. actually remotely controlled the airplanes into the world trade centers from the school where he was supposedly reading to a bunch of second graders...but they were really third graders. In Iraq we actually dropped nukes on the first three days of the operation and everything else you see is left overs from Green Day's wake me up when September ends Video. It's all bull shit. So what can you do when you're swimming in shit? Eat a cheeseburger and watch Football. None of this matters when you're dead. Maybe the only high point in your life will be if your team goes to the Super Bowl and maybe wins.....go jaguars......
PepperAirlines Uploaded 03/28/2011
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