My fucking wife again

She's got to call to add to my fucking stress, right?  She knows I just got bad news at the doctor.  I called her up from the doctor's office to ask her about the tests they were taking.  Yet still, when she wants me to do something for her, she doesn't hesitate to ask.


She's picking up my son to take him to school in the mornings.  I have to leave at 6:30, and I can't drop him off before 7:00.  I've been getting him ready in the mornings and making his lunch.  She comes bee-bopping in at 6:45, making me late and clicks her tongue at me when she sees I haven't made his lunch this time.


Tonight, she fucking calls me up to ask me if I would make his lunch tomorrow.


"Why can't you do it?"


"It makes me late."


"Like when you don't get here until 6:45?"




"You make it.  I just bought a bunch of shit to pack for him."




"Wait, you have to be at work at 8:00, right?"




"What the fuck do you do from 6:45 until 8:00?"


"Well if I'm not on the road by 7:25 I'll be late."


"Well then what the fuck do you do from 6:45 until 7:25?"


"Ooooooo-kayyyy."  *sarcastically*


"No, seriously, what the fuck do you do for me?  Why should I do shit for you.  You wouldn't even pat me on the back and say 'there, there' the night before my surgery.  Why should you be the only one who won't put other people before themselves?"


"Ooooooo-kayyy, I'll talk to you later."


Seriously, fuck her.  I'm so fed up with her shit.

Uploaded 04/12/2011
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