Laymans explanation on Quantum Physics

I just read an article in The New York Times called , Far Apart, 2 particles Respond Faster Than Light. It's pretty easy to read and understand and interesting to read. I'll just write a little synopsis here.

What these scientist do is take a proton and split it into two parts, so that two particles that are exactly the same are formed. They then send them on separate paths, with no physical or known connection. Whatever they do to one particle or whatever obstacle it must overcome the matching particle will react or change in the exact same way at the exact same time, blowing Einsteins theory of relativity out of the water.

This would be great for security between two devices where you can set information into one pad and for reasons unknown it's co-pad would get the exact information instantaneously.

The article reveals other great observations by the quantum scientist that are yet unexplained, give it a read, after you get your fill of yoga pants and bubble butts,

Uploaded 04/12/2011
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