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Too Many References


I love lamp legs, with short skirts and long jackets

Yellow cake, and Boston Tea packets

Samuel Jacksons Thriller, with no pulp diction

Oranges like clocks and zombie infliction

Night of the Grateful Dead, with trippy shoe strings

Gator-skin violins and Steven Leon of kings

Use somebody else, look back in black to the future

Thunderstrike the Doc, then marry Minnie the Moocher


The Blues Band of Brothers, sang soul men of honor

Full Metal Jackets terminate like John Connor

Ill be backwards, to walk the Green Mile

If Mr. Jangles likes coffee well walk in triple file

Donnie woke up to the sound of Dead Rabbits

Sinatras velvet voice sings of newly formed habits

Dont cross the streams, until you know who to call

The Clerks have it worse than the rats at the mall

TheAngryNative Uploaded 04/19/2011
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