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How to pick up women

I've finally decided to reveal my secret. Everyone has always wanted to know what is my secret.

I'm simply a jerk, and try to be mean to women. Haha just kidding, that's the dumbest technique I've ever heard. Nothing shows more your insecurities than going around trying to act all tough and be a jerk. For those of you who don't habla psychologico, being an asshole is a social defense mechanism. And let's face it, if you weren't some socially awkward sissy in the first place, you wouldn't need to use any techniques.

If you really wanna impress a woman, get a copy of black ops, learn to be at least half as good as me. And show her your gameplay on a youtube video. I promise you, her panties will be soaking wet, and then you can invite her over to show her that gameplay in person. She will be riding your cock before you can even finish your 11th killstreak.

Hakik Uploaded 05/04/2011
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