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Opiate Soaked World of Escapism

In my opiate soaked world of escapism.....I am the king of myself. My head is high and my problems are non-existent. My life crumbles around me as i fall into the abyss and that's just fine with me. My mind starts to look forward to the abuse. False Hope in pharmacy form. The spoon becomes burnt with my eagerness to fade away. I lay there nonchalant and drowsy. In this climb i roam. Nothing matters. After awhile the world cleans it self and i am back to square one. I crave that escape again. Things are worse this time. I must escape! In this desperation i tear down my morals and burn bridges to find my comfort. When i feel that all is lost, i find my path to salvation. I tear and claw my way there. I find my escape! I dive into the flood again. All is great again in my opiate soaked world of escapism.
Jessejames1537 Uploaded 05/04/2011
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