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" the fifth of may"

just read i wrong?just putting my 2 (not worth shit) cents into it...but why the hell do we celebrate another nations "freedom" from.....another nation! mexico's freedom from the french!?!.....i hate to be the one to tell you..but we as "america" have this thing with mexico and not really being down with there cause....(as in taking our jobs, clogging our supposedly "fair" court system with ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, BRINGING CRIME, DRUGS, AND GANGS INTO OUR COUNTRY !) and im not even going to mention the fact france hates us.(and i see why)...i guess you dont remember the whole border fence that we were all gung-ho for... im not being racist or anything but remember your morals people. i am all for equality amongst men..."give me your tired, your poor, your weak" its what this country was FOUNDED on...not give me your beggers, your vagrants and your crime...because that is what it has turned into....just saying...By: James Natalie
randomgrenade86 Uploaded 05/05/2011
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