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In My Opinion Week 6 "Random Shit"


6 weeks of this shit. I'm suprised I'm still doing it. No current events have happened lately, except for conspiracies OBL is not dead. Not going to go in that, there is no point. In my last blog you'd know what I'd think about conspiracy theroist.


Mother's Day was on Sunday, bought my mom a white gold ring and some fucking flowers. I paid more for that shit then she did for me on my Christmas my entire childhood. Fucked up isn't it?


Um, I guess in this blog I'm going to ask you guys about your opinions about political parties, races of the world, the royal wedding, death of OBL, and what did you do for your mom on mothers day. Leave a comment and I'll make sure to read them.


- FuckyouIran

FuckyouIran Uploaded 05/10/2011
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