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A Blog for Tyanada I think that's how you spell it


Now, let's get something straight ass hole. You're on over sentistive cock muncher who doesn't realize what I write about is not to be taken seriously, since you have a cunnt between your legs let me explain this to you.


1) Stfu and read before you try to comment

2) Douche that smelly vagina between your legs

3) Grow a pair of big meaty fucking balls.


You've been upset because I made fun of crazy people and poor people. If you're not crazy and or poor then yuchadbrah? I believe you are crazy and dirt bag poor who has to venture to the library for internet access.


So, I'm sorry your high estrogen enraged ass is over sensitive.


Now resume the cock sucking position and get the job done.


-Your master




P.S. grow a pair of big meaty balls you sorry faggot, then take a firearm (loaded with ammunition and put it in your mouth, squeeze the trigger and you'll be happy.) so no one has to live your liberal ass mind.

FuckyouIran Uploaded 05/13/2011
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