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You fucking nerds.  How dare you click on the link of a level 987 Dwarf Orc Lord.  you shall now perish.  in my death-distributing death pool of cess.


I am your highness.  And your lowness. You are my orphan.  You are my lunch. I am your mother's creator and your father's employer.  You eat snail.  I eat only the finest dinosaur eggs.  I am deranged and you have no place to hide.  Rednote 67, your children are liable to become my kleenex.  I hat ebaum.  We fought once, and he cried.  Ever since then, I have pissed on a picture of his mother.  WHo happens to be my gerbil's wife.  Which is sick, I know.


Also, there are a number of al Qaeda affiliates associated with this website.  I would like each and every one of you to know that i have made it my personal mission to find you, water-board you, and eventually drown you in putrified pork fat imbued with pages from the koran.  If this is offensive to any of you muslim freed0m haters, I suggest you fu<k off




of Nazareth

gorgolan Uploaded 05/18/2011
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