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These Chain Blogs


Some would like to engage in these "chain blogs" where we write about interesting things and put in our comments.

See, I admire the desire for people to be able to express their ideals with each other in written format, rather then vocally. Of course, the new modern age of communication is slowly shifting toward video communication, or "vlogs."   I digress.

One blogger informally calls these "'chain blogs '" until he can find a more suitable or formal name for them. He has been wanting to get in on one of those for a while now. Since he's looking for some kind approval before he begins, I thought I would let him be the starter of a chain blog, thus this blog.  Perhaps it will encourage him to write more thoughtful blogs so that he can feel that he is a legitimate member of the blogging community.

SpaceEagle Uploaded 05/22/2011
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