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My Contribution Random Thoughts.

Ive be on here for about a week and ive seen some amazing videos, pictures, as well as GIFs. So i have decided that i can't match up to them. This is just a blog to say that this website in my opinion is better then Youtube because it has more content. Also i think everyone should try to golf at least once in thier lifes. I didn't like it much but then my friends dad who loves golf lended me some clubs and my new hobby was born. So for those of you who diss golf and havnt played it. Play First then Diss if  you still dislike it.  Love Twisted: my cousin is dating a girl who dated his dads brother then she goes with my cousin all while under the same roof (trailer) also this girl and i dated when i was like 10 lol. that is a bit odd if you ask me. well im done rambling. I would also like to stress my like for this site.
TyStorm Uploaded 05/28/2011
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