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Techno music.  Ah, techno music.  It isn't what it was in my day.  Emmerson, Lake, and Palmer is the first techno group I was exposed to.

Isao Tomita did some interesting things with the synthesizer.

I ran across Erik Satie while looking for the artist above.

My 24 year old sweetheart turned me on to this newer style of techno.

Techno has been used in movies like "The Matrix."

and "The Labyrinth."

Techno has almost always had a part in music since the invention of the synthesizer and it's not likely to go away anytime soon, but it might be in trouble if there is a world-wide energy shortage, considering it is one of the instruments that don't work without electricity.  That's something you might want to consider if you're a survivalist.  If the crash gets too bad, you'll need an instrument you can play that doesn't need electricity if you can't generate your own.

P,S. Oh, I left out "Starman"

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