Neko's Psychologistic Tips: GIJoe's Attention Whore Complex

Hi, I'm Neko Ph.D, the famous therapist and movie critic. Today we're going to talk about a very common case - the attention whoring. It's usually the result of not getting enough attention from peers. I have prepared a program for GIJoe, so he could overcome his teenage angst and stop desperately trying to fit in.

How I diagnosed his condition?

Go to his comments page and you will see he desperately wants to suck up to some people.

At 08:17pm Jun, 1 2011 : "I like this blog. Whether I agree or disagree is of no consequence, but I like this blog and the comments it generated. More like this, please."

At 12:09pm May, 30 2011 : "Very good blog."

At 02:03pm May, 29 2011 : "Good one, SJG."

At 12:37am May, 29 2011 : "Good blog. Welcome to the community."

The last one is very disturbing. By saying "community", GIJoe probably refers to the people he likes to think he's part of. There's no such thing as a blog community. And if you take the Blogs section as type of a community, any spammer is a part of it, since they post blogs.

But lets concentrate on the welcoming part. It's meant to highlight that GIJoe is part of it, so everybody who reads that comment thinks he is "one of the gang." This is a case of what we psychologists call attentionis prostitutis. If you don't speak Latin, it means you're not as smart as me. Because I'm a psychologist. And speak Latin.

Let's take a deeper look into GIJoe's teenage outsider issues. He started a group called Quality Bloggers, so that people think he's a member of the "blogging community." But if you look at his Blog panel, there's only 12 (yes, TWELVE) blogs there. Most of GIJoe's actions in the Blogs section are compliments directed towards the actual bloggers.* You need to value yourself more. You don't even get replies from those people. They don't accept you. Shit, I don't accept you as a good blogger and I wrote over 80 blogs of highest quality. And I'm a psychologist. And know Latin.

* Actual blogger - person who wrote at least 20 blogs (Encyclopaedia Brittanica)


Watch the newest season of Hanna Montana. There's a lot of popularity issues covered there. There's been a discussion among quality psychologists whether or not Miley Cyrus should receive a honoris causa doctorate.

This is all for today's episode of Neko's Psychologistic Tips

May the Freud be with you, guys!

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