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This is a conversation I conducted with a mod recently about giving my blogs flag immunity. I didn't save it but here's more or less how I remember it:

MrsNekoJeans: You can do that?

Anonymous Mod: Yeah

Anonymous Mod:  Your blogs are always hot, so....

MrsNekoJeans: lol, thanks

Anonymous Mod:  There you go.

MrsNekoJeans: So my blogs can't get flagged now?

Anonymous Mod:  They can but it won't do shit. They won't disappear.

MrsNekoJeans: Neeto.

Anonymous Mod:  Just don't tell anybody I gave you flag immunity. Every loser would want one. lol

MrsNekoJeans: Sure. You got it. I feel like a VIP.

Anonymous Mod:  You are one. You're the best blogger on this website. Why do you think your blogs always get the most views and so many people hate on you?

MrsNekoJeans: They be jelly

Anonymous Mod: Exactly.

Anonymous Mod:  I have to do some mod stuff in a few moments. Talk to you later. Stay gorgeous!


It's good that there's still staff members who don't tolerate envious douche bags on this website Cheers to you!

MrsNekoJeans Uploaded 06/06/2011
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