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Wedding Dresses

Many women want an expensive fancy dress for their big wedding.  Some of them spend thousands on a dress when that money would have been better used helping the couple start out their new lives together.

Marriage shouldn't be about fancy dresses and huge expenses that will put you in the hole for years.  It's supposed to be a spiritual union between two people who love one another and clothing should be optional.  After all.... spirits can't wear clothing.  Not to mention that the dress just gets in the way of consummation.

What would be more appropriate for a wedding?  How about a mini-skirt and some crotchless underwear?  Better yet... no underwear.  May as well get the honeymoon off to a good start.  Of course, there are those who love unwrapping packages.

If your wife DID go and spend a wad on that dress she'll never use again, what can be done with it when she kicks your lousy posterior to the curb?  Well, one guy found 101 uses for the thing.

Now THAT'S what I call recycling!

SpaceEagle Uploaded 06/11/2011
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