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Don't Give Up

Sometimes our lives seem unbearable.  Sometimes we just want to end it all to make it go away.  Don't.  If you do, you'll never know the joy of overcoming the obstacles you face.  You'll never know what it's like to see the rainbow that appears after the storm.  You'll never again be able to walk in a forest and see the beauty of nature and hear the birds sing.  You'll never find the truth about what love really is.

There are many things that can drive a person to feeling like it's not worth it anymore.  Losing a job, losing the ability to work, losing a spouse, losing a lover, losing a child, suffering heartless abuse, having to watch others suffer when there's nothing you can do to help among them.  The thing is, if you wait a little while and change the path you're on, there will be a brighter tomorrow.

This song helped me long ago when I thought live was no longer worth living.

Remember... this too will pass.

SpaceEagle Uploaded 06/12/2011
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