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All You Should Know About Lemon Sherbet Ice Cream

Ohayou, guys! I'm Neko Ph.D, the Ebaumsworld Blogs section wordsmith. There's been a lot of controversy about choosing the right extras for lemon ice cream. Some took raising. Others wafers. They both do good with regular lemon ice cream and I leave the choise to your personal preference.

If you ever get a chance to buy the exquisite and expensive lemon sherbet ice cream, you will learn that they are some of the best flavors you can get. Here's some quotes from famous people about lemon sherbet ice cream:

"They're okay" - Russel Crowe

"I had better" - Mel Gibson

"Yeah, whatever" - Gwyneth Paltrow

You see for yourself, this flavor is loved by Hollywood actors!

Lemon sherbet ice cream are best served cold. And I mean freezing-cold. Popular add-ons are the aforementioned wafers (especially cacao-flavored) and sliced tomatoes. Be sure that they are fresh, though. Aluminium foil ruins the taste for tomatoes, so be sure to slice them yourself

Until we meet again!

Gellato Gerard Depardieu! (that's Italian for 'goodbye')
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