The New Star Wars

Many of you have probably heard that there's going to be a new Star Wars movie coming soon. I bet it's gonna be great, because it tells the story of Luke Skywalker's life after the loss of his father in part 6. Another theme would be Han Solo's and Leia's divorce (Tomlet's prolly gonna love that movie) and then there's the Jedi Academy stuff with lots and lots of combat.

The most cryptic part is the new evil character. Not only is he a Jedi, not a sith, he doesn't use any of the dark powers. The movie is gonna be over 3 hours long and the budget for special effects is twice as big as it was for Avatar. If you didn't see the trailer yet, here's a short review:

*bzzzzzziiiium* *pew* *pewpew* "I'm not leaving the academy to a bunch of light-headed youngsters" *pew* *bziiuuuuuu* "Building robots to fight the Jedi?" "No, building robots for the Jedi to fight..." "Just go home already" "This is my home" *wrooooooom* "We must face the consequences ourselves" *pew pew pew* *orchestral music* *bziuuuuuuum* *pew pew* "Stoooooooop!!!!!!!* *Booooom*

For those of you who've seen the trailer, I bet you can't wait for the movie to hit cinemas. Tough luck, cause it won't be before 2012

Uploaded 07/01/2011
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