Casey Anthony is fuckin Hot!!!!

Yeah I said it. Everyone else was thinking it, she even has that "psycho bitch" thing going for her aswell. In fact in a survey 228 participants, 56% said that they would sleep with her, including 2 women. Now, the Casey Anthony case was one of the stories that was so big that you couldn't ignore it, but since I saw it on every news station within a month of the trial 24/7. I said to myself "Wait, didn't this happen like 8 years ago?" I was 10 then so I would not really care past "that poor girl" I wouldn't have known what happened to the mom. But I saw it was back a few months back and completly ignored the Hell out of it. Yes, kids die all the time, sorry. It probaly was the mom because she looked nervous, not mad, in all the pictures of her. I'm aware that it was a jury from Pinellas county, where I live, and everyone is telling me that they dropped the ball.


Now, here's a serious question. I was on facebook after the trials and everyone was like "What? How? I'll kill her myself!" I've always had a problem with the death penalty. Not that we shouldn't let crimes go unattoned for, but does someone's death make you feel better inside? Wait, I bet it does. I honestly think that is a sick human trait, that we love to watch people die even if they killed someone you don't actually know. I'm not going to lose sleep over the fact that someone's not going to die, I'm not a sick fuck. And besides, if she wasn't proven guilty, maybe she didn't do it, just a thought.

Uploaded 07/06/2011
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