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s the one that my forefathers fought and died for. That is my mouth, my voice. The computer has become a tool for bullies you say. I say it is the tool to deal with bullies same as anywhere. You don't hit them with a stick. Allow total free speach on the internet and on your land and less real violence will remain. You can't really get hurt from words on the screen,  Or some twit outside the churchy place. if you do then you sould look inward , feel free to stand alongside them on your milk crate and it will take a heap of soul. What you do get is comunication, facts as well as lies but at least you have both to descide from, not just the lies. The number of people that talk of bullies while they have a block button is funny. FIGHT FOR FREE SPEECH FOR ALL EVERYWHERE. CHARGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ZeroEnygma Uploaded 07/13/2011
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