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R.I.P. Baddozer 5-28-1979~7-27-2011

I hate to be the one to tell everybody this but WE have lost one of the great ones people!
Yes, Baddozer has Died. At exactly 8:05pm on the 27th day of July there was a 3 car pile up
that was caused by a selfish man that was drunk off his ass that looked down to turn his radio up to quote " Hear my jam boo" and at that time slammed into Baddozer's Toyota Prius which made him hit a mini van filled with Mexican's in it but lucky all 15 of them were not hurt. Unfortunately 2 hours later Baddozer quietly passed away from cancer in the local ER.

You will be missed Brother,You will be missed.

~Love Dirty~
dirtysanchez10 Uploaded 07/28/2011
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