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Racist mods

So I got 4 of my blogs deleted by a moderator first because it was supposedly broken media but it wasn't later when I complained and wrote a blog that they werent broken media and they worked some hater flagged me and thats why they got deleted, so this time it's not because it's broken media, one of the mods says its because he thinks I suck. so this section is controlled by mods who can delete blogs of people they dont like when they get jelus or when they prove them wrong this is bullshit! I write on many websites and theres freedom to write whatever you like from whoever writes that as long as they play by the rules yo I didnt break any rules, my blogs were reflecting modern lifestyles and I criticized wars maybe someone doesnt like my em oh and supports wars or hating on me for other reason, you gotta chill
cutedude Uploaded 08/06/2011
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Tags: haters


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