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Have You Had Your Sex with Rick Perry Yet?

Full page ad in the Austin Chronicle by Robert Morrow, previous republican candidate from Texas.


Robert Morrow claims that "unnamed" credible sources have revealed that Rick Perry is a sexual deviant, indulging himself in everything from sex with exotic dancers, young hotties, and gay men to frequenting seedy tranvestite lounges.

Robert Morrows complaint is not Rick Perrys sexual appetite, in fact Morrow admits he travels in the same circles, his complaint is how hypocritical Perry is when he spouts Christian beliefs and values during his campaign speeches.

If Perry is this sexual beast as Morrow describes him then yes Perry is a jack ass, if it is all bullshit then how can people get away with this type of smear campaign?

My feeling is that Perry probably got caught with his pants down at some point in his life and Robert Morrow is using it to carry out this over zealous personal campaign that appears to be driven by hate and vindictiveness , rather than revealing the true character of the man.

Whatever, the truth neither bodes well for the American electoral machine.

Got to love the Star Wars font and the anagram "CASH", like that won't attract desperate crack whores.

How about these ad hominem ads provided by the The Washington Post to poke fun at Robert Morrows ads?




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