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Battle Royale


after reading letemdangle's blog i started wondering, if i was the leader of an alien race come to eradicate all human existence on earth, how would i do it?

the recent movie of When The Earth Stood Still, they planned on using Nanobots to kill all life on earth. in the movie Aliens the aliens were meant to have first been created as a weapon. maybe these aliens could be sent to earth with a limited life span and only attack humans. maybe a virus could be left that turns us all into zombies like in resident evil, or in less a interesting way, just kill us. in the film The Happening, plants see us as a threat and kill us, maybe aliens have the technology to change the chemicals plants excrete.

to me the answer is to make the whole planet a massive version of the game used in Battle Royale. everyone is given a weapon and they must all fight to the death. last man standing. dibs on the crossbow!

pascho Uploaded 08/22/2011
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