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Bathroom Lighting


So 2 times today I went and to a poop Crap in the bathroom and noticed that the lighting in the 1st floor bathroom here at work has a nice mellow kind of theme to it!  I mean it's so nice I could fall asleep while pooing!!  I never realized before but the bathroom here at my work is probably my favorite place to poop because of the lighting. 

Its almost like a dinning experience and I am sitting at the nicest table in the restraunt while playing games on my cell phone!! lol  So I guess I can make a little questions for this....what is the best way you like to take a poo and maybe eve where?

  • No lights  and at home
  • Bright lights and at home
  • Dim lights and at home
  • No lights and at work
  • Bright lights and at work
  • Dim lights and at work

There is what I've narrowed them down I guess this just became a "Poop Lighting survey"

ADLife Uploaded 07/31/2008
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