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What ebaumsworld is really about.


   I couldn't help but notcie that some of the newest users like neko jeans have been bitching about stolen media. Apparently they don't realize that Eric bauman was a giant dickhead who loved to rape and steal. Our community of ebaumsworld was founded on giving people the middle finger after we have stolen there media. Many of you may know I was one of the most active media stealers on ebaumsworld back in the day. Every single one of my features I had stolen with an iron dick. What makes ebaumsworld unique is that it is for the people who say "Fuck your faggly little site we are going to steal from you and rape your daughter". Without fucking assholes like thaddeus and ESD our site would be just like break or youtube. Ebaumsworld is infamous for it's dickery and troll activity. They even wrote a song because they were so butthurt from us stealing there shit.

Don't forget what our site was founded on.
volcomisnewshit Uploaded 08/28/2011
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