Strawberry's Here

The last few weeks have been stressful, hair raising, and confusing.  In spite of all the natural and personal disasters, Strawberry made it here, the fires are 85% under control, and everything is going well.  I'm embedding this from YouTube because eBaum's World made the quality look poor.

Although she had quite a rough time, she's rapidly healing and has been successful in easing off the alcohol.  That method seems to be working much better than cold turkey.  It's good that she's been willing to cut back on her own.  We're working together to get her fixed back up.  Love and tenderness seems to go a long way toward that.

I'm really wishing I had a decent piano for her to play on.  She played in piano bars in New York.  Mine has some sticking keys and a broken string, so it doesn't play well right now, but she gave it a shot.  The Logitech webcam updated on me and I forgot to turn off the "RightSound" (which screws up the sound), but here she is playing a bit.

We still have loose ends to tie up, but we'll get things lined out eventually...  one day at a time.

Uploaded 09/13/2011
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