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The Little Girl in the Yard

One day a little girl skipped happily to school. She stood outside looking in, not knowing what to make of this new environment.  All the children inside the school looked out, not understanding why this little girl was standing outside.

At recess all the children came out  and danced around the little girl. The little girl, smiled and danced an Irish jig. The other children laughed at this strange new dance. The little girl laughed too, but she did not know why. 

At lunch the children came out again. "Lets play some foot hockey", they said to the little girl. Not knowing the game, she did not play well. All the children laughed at her. She laughed too, but did not know why.

At second recess, all the kids came out and poked the little girl with sticks. The little girl cried. The children laughed, but they did not know why.

Individualism is rather like innocence; there must be something unconscious about it. 
Louis Kronenberger 
Letemdangle Uploaded 09/19/2011
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