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It's Coming


It's true people,  With Halloween  only a little more than a month a way, it can only mean one thing, soon your local department stores and malls will be putting out their Christmas junk in full force.  No use fighting it, The Christmas season is about to envelope us with all the subtlety of a kick in the groin. So to hell with Halloween.  Suck it Veterans day.  Fuck Thanksgiving. Those are all mere days, tiny distractions from the Christmas SEASON!  It's the time for Love and giving and good will toward men.  The time when over eating and getting drunk are in vogue.  A time to be forced to spend free time with people you can't stand but you're supposed to pretend to like.  And lets not forget the skyrocketing suicide and DUI rates.


So MERRY CHRISTMAS suckers, and don't  forget to spend till it hurts. Because if you really love them, you'll be paying off the credit card bill with your tax refund. 


Ho Ho HO.

laptopia Uploaded 09/19/2011
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