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Is there really such a thing as BBW???

Ok, the purpose of this blog is not intended to attack the plus size population; however, the term "big beautiful woman" seems to be an overused statement that it is not clearly defined. women by no means need to be "super model thin," athletic, toned, or tan in order to be considered beautiful. Women that are of an average build and complexion are typically very attractive in their own right, but this leads to the question.. What is beautiful and can one really be beautiful if they are big? Of course a woman can be beautiful if she is big; however, is it a quality that one should advertise about themselves? If you are a big woman and are happy being a big woman then great, continue being happy and please do not take offence to this blog, but again, the point of this blog is to define beautiful and the statement bbw seems to be questionable.
postalcabfan33 Uploaded 10/07/2011
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