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A couple things you all need to know:

1)  Neko is not banned.  She's living happily with me, in my parents attic.  We have leik, a playstion, and a TV, and a bunch of microwave dinners, and we're pretty much set for life.  So stop crying about her, and move on.  (str8jcktgurl, we're waiting for our 3sum!) :D

2)  My penis is particularly big today.  I mean, dont get me wrong, my penis is normal extremely large as it is.  Like, its already impossible for me to wear most pants, but today....  I can hardly get outside my room without damaging the door frame with this thing.  Not that Im complaining though... the ladies still love it :)

3)  Hai guyz!

4)  Im sexy.  All my girlfriends and wives say so.  I only have 2 wives though.  Their names are Neko and Str8jcktgurl.

5)  I can run a mile in like 14 seconds.

5) lol

6) I am the best blogger every!

7) Hi frogbob ur kewl :D

Ok bai guyz!

Love, Poopy McPooperson
iLIKEtoSAYpoop Uploaded 10/08/2011
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