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What happened to my Pants


After an epic drunken night at the University of Albany, I woke up with a nasty hangover. Now, let me ask you something, whats the best way to clear a hangover?

You fucking drink.

So, I started drinking at noon, getting really bombed. Later that night I went to a sorority house. Shit was insane. I end up passing out, and waking up around 9 the next day.

When I awoke I found that I had no pants. I was trying to remember the previous night. Did I get laid? No, I didnt think so. Then I thought my boys were screwing around with me. Turns out it wasnt them. But they had seen what happened. They said I woke up at 3 am, started walking into shit and then pulled down my pants and took a piss on the fucking wall, never putting them back on.

welcometothezoo Uploaded 10/12/2011
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