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Totally Innocent

So I decided that I had had just about enough with my clogged up sink, and it was time to fix that. I headed down to my local Walmart to get some Drano.

Perfectly normal to go at 2 a.m., right?

Drain Cleaner. Check. Ok. Next aisle.

Nasal Decongestant.  Sometimes I feel a little stuffed up in the morning. Better get some. Check.

Measuring cup and spoons. I've been wanting to do a little baking lately. Check.

Ok. That should do it? Let's find one of those self checkouts.

Uh oh. People are starting to stare. It's gotta be the coat I'm wearing. And I didn't shower today. I haven't shaved in a while either. Oh man, I probably look like hell. But not THAT bad. Right? They're still staring. Shit. I shouldn't go out like this.

23.86? Fuck. All I have are singles. Hmm. No one will mind, right?

Ok. I'm out. Why's that security guy following me? What. Did I forget my receipt?
sparks158 Uploaded 10/28/2011
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