comment and die!

so, i am suffering insomnia for the second night in a row and had this crazy trite idea.

i write a story based on the people that comment on this blog, with the people dieing in the order that they comment.

to make it interesting you can add an object that will be the cause of your death or be present in the chain of events that lead to your death.

if anyone else wants to write a story based on these conditions then i would happily make it into a contest type thing.

so far:

1. dylancharoud - confusion or death by anal retention :P ----- RIP

2. gijoe - cleaning related or sleep related ----- RIP

3. internet munch - smoking marijuana ------- RIP

4. fuzzywuzzy666 - farm house or bolt pistol ------- RIP

5. bruce wayne - broken back (or death by gay cowboys) ------------------ RIP

6. simgy665 - death by older woman, sea related, being single or dating related (possibilities are endless) --------- RIP

7. pipedreams - overthinking --------- RIP

ok, all candidates are in and their deaths have been arranged. thanks to all who commented :)
Uploaded 11/02/2011
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