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   Rednote has officially died from a semen overdose on the 1st of november. Rednote hit his breaking point when he had gone an entire month penis free, He finally couldn't take it anymore and allowed a group of construction workers to fuck him through every hole in his body. It was said his BCC (Blood Cum Concentration) was over a thousand times the legal limit. Rednote's psychologist said " That was the problem with rednote, he just loved cock so much it finally killed him ". Also andrew ryan was just arrested for trying to snort the hope diamond, investigators say they saw a coked up middle aged man wearing a charlie sheen mask rush into the smithsonian and they immediately called security. He decapitated the security guards with an eggbeater in seconds and after realising he could not crush the diamond into powder with a tube sock, he was captured and is now in a holding facility in the center of the earth. 
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