Who cares about Greece

Every time you pick up a paper you hear about Greece and the devil himself  saturated fats. The simple truth is Olive oil taste better and when deep frying foods nothing holds up better that Peanut oil. I am from the south so for years I used bacon Greece whenever I cooked because face it as Emeril says "pork fat rules" and he aint wrong. I bake and cook and to be honest guys I am getting pretty damn good at it but we spend way too much time talking about food and its part of the reason we have on obesity problem here in America (looking at ground in shame).
I admit that for the most part I am not up to date on Europe or the Euro dollar and this whole thing about Greece and why what type of oil you use will effect the global economy. I guess its time to put my spatula down and pat attention to the world wide problem of Greece and its big problem that it is causing us all.
Thanks for reading Bohank
Uploaded 11/08/2011
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