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I decided to write a blog tonight.  It is rare I decide to share my ideas about this and that. When I do, people take note and try to live their lives and plan their days based on my philosophies.  It is humbling to know that most of you reading this will be a little kinder and loving  towards your neighbors and be more courteous while driving. 

The internet has blessed you all with my writing and for this you are now better human beings, well informed, politically corrected, obsessed with my presence and excited to meet each day knowing I will blog for you all.  There are many questions, but one true answer and I am that answer. I forsake no one,  I know all and you have been blessed with my presence and I with yours.

The world is in trouble, I know.  War, starvation, corruption and the annihilation of the  middle class is under way.  Let me assure you, that I, Letemdangle will correct and put straight the path of mankind, assuring health, happiness and a pocket full of Rockets to each and every person who shouts my name from this moment on.  It is time we took back our lives. It is time mankind falls in love with Letemdangle. 

Uploaded 11/23/2011
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