Newt DaGrinch, A Short Christmas Story

I had a good laugh when Newt admitted during a GOP debate, he supported covert action as the solution to foreign problems.  He said, " We can use covert military action, all deniable, to solve these problems".  While I agree under certain circumstances covert action is a great solution, but why the need to deny it? If what you did was the right decision, then stand up for it. If it is one step in a bigger plan then I can see keeping it on the hush, but he said it so flippantly, I doubt he was thinking it through.

What's with his hypocrisy of going after Clinton  for extra marital affairs all the while he was having some honey on the side? And why the hell is Cain being ripped apart while Newt's past similar behavior goes on being ignored?  

You're a strange bunch down in the US of A and I'm starting to notice that weirdness is happening in Canada now.  Anyways, I bring you the latest ad from Ron Paul. Just watch it! Don't be so stubborn!

Uploaded 12/01/2011
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