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I just don't know why everyone is picking on me.  I try to write some good blogs and share some ideas, but lately the eBaum's  people are picking on me. The private messages I am getting are really hurtful and I have become afraid for my life due to threats admonishing my positions on political and moral issues. There have even been some suggestions of gang rape by the administration of eBaum's.  

WhiteChocolate  is forcing me to write a short story or he will suck  my eBone.
Deevo is pissed because I revealed all Brits are racist and eat bangers every morning.

Tyeada said, " You're only partly Canadian, the rest of you is Bacon fat."  Wow, how hurtful, after all our great cyber sex!

FrogBob  says, " Even though I am a closet homosexual, you will never hang with me."

Some guy, MajorFuckhead, condescendingly  asked me to do more research before spouting my ignorant ideas here at eBaum's. 

GI Joe threatened me with a C4 blow job  if I continued down this path.

As with all our schools, all bullying should be banned with Zero tolerance on eBaum's. Ban those who would hurt the  feelings of  any persons in this venue. 

Letemdangle Uploaded 12/02/2011
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