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W.T.F. Is U Thinking?

Some cluckhead decided to use my profile to say that I'm white! That bitch is gonna get dealt with when I find his ashy ass! Let me tell ya'll something! I'm blickety black yo! Like pepper....Harlem at midnight...the unemployment line! Don't ever claim some shit like that again, whoever the fuck it be that did dis bullshit mang! It ain't funny! If me and the NCAAP catch who evers ass that did dis shit, they gonna be sorry! We gonna make you read allllllllllllll of rednotes blawgs 10 times each!...This will lead to suicide or mental retardedness..........Axtually.. White Chocolate, Lord Infamous, and CrackRockJack is the only mutha fuckas that should ever blawg here! They know whats crackin' ......Everyone else can't rite fo shit!....Quit trying bitches!.....'Whoop Whoop' to da real brovas...Neko and Andrew Ryan is cool as hell too! Polish Pigeon be cool. Gyps is hot and Crazy Canuck gots a dope hat!
KawfeePot Uploaded 12/02/2011
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