A New Revolution

I write and write and write and write
but how many ways can it be said?
Im tired of this oppressive world,
I wish it all was dead

In god we trust, I read on a bust
A motto of America, that will turn to dust

If there IS a God, he needs to come down
stop all the bullshit, and fucking around

Otherwise, therell be loss of lives
piles of bodies, the stench of who died

Its obvious to me, the leaders are afraid
they hate our uniqueness, and wont offer aid

Instead, they will starve us, and wipe us out
Killing us with our own money,
an irony, no doubt

I guess its patriotic,

if its in another country
but when the protests are right here,
the police will start their hunting

They swing their clubs, and brandish their mace
they strike the non-violent and bloody their face

They denounce other countries, then act even worse
We need a remedy, to this star-spangled curse

I think Thomas Jefferson had a solution:
"Every Generation needs a new revolution"

Uploaded 12/20/2011
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