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Let's Talk About Abortion


I like this subject for its controversy to be sure. My favorite part of this subject is the argument that pro-choice makes you pro-abortion. In my own humble opinion, I think being pro-choice just means you believe that it is the choice of the mother to decide on abortion. I myself don't actually agree with the act of abortion, but I remain on the side of the pro-Choicers simply for the fact that I don't feel right telling someone else what to do with their business and their body. Further more, I feel it is immoral for these bible-thumpers out there to lobby for laws that outlaw abortion on the grounds that our government should not cater to non secular agendas, firstly, and secondly, without a clean sterile environment with professionals to facilitate this service, I believe we will see an increase in deaths and disease with back alley abortions on the rise.

What do you guys think?

evil_monkey42 Uploaded 01/03/2012
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