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What a topsy turvy world we live in. I am quite excited to see the results of the Republican Iowan caucas's tonight, I love Ron Paul and I hope he gets first or second place. 

There is a black cloud on the horizon however, as the establishment makes efforts to withhold a Ron Paul win.  In a radio interview Republican strategist Dee Dee Benkie revealed that the GOP will be counting the votes in an undisclosed location so that a more establishment acceptable candidate wins Iowa. 

I know that Ron Paul would never support the idea of a violent reaction to these recent revelations, but  with all those people who have with heart and hope campaigned on his behalf, being subverted by what will appear to be a voter fraud, it is inevitable to see some violent reactions. 

I pray for my American friends that they keep it all above board and the will of the people is represented. 

Here is a transcript of the interview.
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