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It's a Female, Kill it!

My, my, my, the liberal left has fallen victim to it's own ideology. This is a great example of how social designers fall prey to their own traps.

Feminist along with liberals and the selfishly minded see nothing wrong with aborting a fetus if it is an inconvenience. A form of birth control no less. But what happens if the reason happens to be that the fetus is a "Girl"? Is this sexual discrimination? Well according to some medical ethics experts, it is indeed the sexual exploitation of the female gender.

It would seem that Asian couples frown upon the female gender and once they learn from ultra sound it is a girl, decide to abort the child. This has prompted the Canadian Medical Association to with hold sexual identification until 30 weeks for Asian couples, where an abortion then becomes difficult. 

Socialism is a soup of hypocrisy that eventually spoils. What a bunch of assholes!

On another note!

Letemdangle Uploaded 01/17/2012
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