I have a solution to a problem thats a problem to a solution

So last night I was working really hard on some scripts and codes for the company work at. I worked for 5 extremely long hours mind you this is after I got home. I finally perfected the script and coded it correctly. I was ready for a good break it was about midnight and my brain was still stuck in what I like to call hyper focusing, Ill admit it I have a weird form of ADHD and it wouldn't stop my brain kept reading patterns in my head and it was really irritating me, so I went down the street and got a few beers and a pack of smokes, when I got home I got to drinking and the moment my lips tasted that sweet brew, poof my brain stopped and evened out, no more crazy line string commands, no more algorithms, viola just gone in a instant, I realized wait that's not good sure its a solution to a problem but isn't also a problem in itself, a solution to a problem that ends up a problem to the solution what the fuck man !   


Uploaded 01/19/2012
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