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As some of you probably know, there's an option to flag a blog when it's inapropriapatate. This long word is a synonym of the word "shitty". When you see a shitty blog, for example anything by a shitty blogger, you can wipe that shit away as easy as the shit from under your shoe, by grinding some grass.

When flagged from different accounts and IP addresses, the shitty blogs disappear, along with the smell of manure.

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I bet you're going to try this on my blog. It will reappear soon. When you flag an appropriate blog like this one, it will show back up (get unsuspended by a mod).

It is to ensure that trolls won't flag awesome blogs (like this one) acting like it's shit (which, I'm sure, they will call it in the comments).

Help Pepperpeanut get the shit off his mod shoes and learn how to use the flag blog option. You're welcome.

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Polish_Pigeon Uploaded 01/24/2012
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